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Salalah Sanitary Drainage Services Company (S.A.O.C) is a fully owned company to the government of Sultanate of Oman, formed in accordance with the ministerial board decision number 20/97 dated in the middle of 1997. It is located in Salalah City (South Oman).

CEO Message

It gives me much pleasure to welcome you at our website. This website is created to update you about the company’s latest developments and services, and at the same time, to keep us in contact and receive your comments and suggestions.I hope that such a means of contact, will positively contribute so much to the implementation of the projects in connection with the sanitary drainage system within Salalah City. Your regular visit to this website and interaction as well, will definitely facilitate to keep you in touch with the new developments, in addition to the services provided by the company. We assure you that all your comments and suggestions will highly be appreciated and welcomed by us.

Our Vision

The vision of Salalah Sanitary Drainage Service company is to make Salalah a more modern and cleaner city with a safe drainage system, covering all its neighborhoods with sanitary drainage services.

  • Construction of a Collection and Conveyance System for wastewater in Salalah City.
  • Construct any future expansions to the system to cover the entire of Salalah City.
  • Owning, managing, operating and maintaining the collection and conveyance system and the Wastewater Reclamation Plant and any future expansions.
  • Construct any future expansions to the wastewater reclamation plant.
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